Dark Divide 300 Grand Depart 2023

Grand Depart date: August 10, 2023


  • Due to the complicated nature of organizing an endurance, backcountry bike race, registration for the official 2023 Dark Divide 300 grand depart will be limited to 50 participants in order to ease the logistical burdens on the organizers. That said, the route is open for both touring and FKT attempts as conditions warrant, meaning you can ride the route any time you want, as long as it isn’t on fire or under 12 feet of snow. As always, if you are planning a solo FKT attempt, please email the DD300 organizer at least 2 weeks in advance.
  • General Registration opens March 19th.
  • 25 spots will be held for early registration, once those fill up, early registration will close until general registration opens, at which time the remaining 25 spots will open.
  • First come, first served. There will be a waitlist.
  • Participants will need to carry a SPOT Tracker, Garmin In-Reach, or similar satellite tracking device for safety as well as racer dot-watching.
  • See race rules here. Please note that some are subject to change.

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