Evergreen Grinder ’22

The Evergreen Grinder gravel race is our flagship event here at Evergreen Gravel Racing. What started in 2017 as something to keep my friends and I motivated to ride during the long, cold, wet winter, has become an event favored by serious racers and laid-back party-pacers alike. While the courses change every year, they always promise long climbs, fast and flowing descents, and enough unpredictability in weather and road conditions to keep even the most prepared participants on their toes. Last year over 100 people raced, and I hope this year you will join us!


When & Where:

December 3, 2022 6:15am start, 5:45am rider meeting.
Black Lake Grange, 6011 Black Lake Blvd SW, Olympia, WA 98512
Please try to carpool or ride to the start

If you want to contribute to the cost of the venue rental, you can here.


Evergreen Grinder Light: 60 Miles/6,500ft- Ideal for first time racers, those who do not want to be out all day, or those who just want to take their time and enjoy the views.

Evergreen Grinder Classic: 100 Miles/12,000ft- The classic distance, perfect for pushing your limits, riding some of the best roads and trails in the North West, and still (maybe) finishing before the sun goes down.

Evergreen Grinder XL150 150 Miles/17,500ft- back only if there’s demand for it, designed specifically for those racers who want to go big, test their endurance, mental fortitude, and push their outer limits. It will be gnarly. This option is limited to 10 total racers.


*Please note that registration will be limited to 100 people and will close either on 11/31/22 or when the 100 person cap is reached. If the Google form is still accepting responses, registration is still open.

Registration will take place via this Google Form, which will open August 1st, 2022. Early registration for WTF-NB/Gender Expansive racers will be open from July 15, 2022 until August 1, 2022 when general registration opens. 50 spots will be held for these racers. Registration form can be found here. There are 6 categories for each course: Open, Women’s, Men’s & Open Elite, Women’s Elite, Men’s Elite. You are encouraged to register for the category which most closely aligns with your gender identity. The Open categories are open to participants of all genders, and created with non-binary racers in mind.

Elite categories are intended for those who will be “all-out” racing- i.e. those who are professional racers, and those affiliated with pro and/or pro adjacent teams. That said, anyone can register in the Elite categories. If you have questions or concerns about race categories please email me at egrcollective@gmail.com.


As it always has been, the Evergreen Grinder is free to enter and participate in, however, participants are strongly encouraged to donate the amount of a typical gravel race fee ($50-150 and up) to either: 1) a BIPOC-run community organization in the racers local community, 2) an organization whose mission is to bring greater equity to bike racing or access to the outdoors, c) an organization devoted to environmental justice and conservation, or d) an organization whose mission and values the racer admires and supports. A non-exhaustive list of organizations racers can donate to is below:

I encourage folks to donate in lieu of an entry fee because I think it’s important to support organizations whose work centers around equity, especially equity in sport, outdoor access, and cycling, and one of the easiest ways to do that is through direct and ongoing financial support. Please email me if you have questions or concerns about this. If you’re not in a position to make a donation of that size, that’s okay, you can still participate in the race.