Race Rules

There aren’t many rules, but the ones that are outlined here must be followed for everyone’s safety and enjoyment.

  1. Helmets are required to be worn at all times during the race
  2. Front and rear lights are required to be on at all times during the race
  3. Riders must follow rules and regulations of the road and respect other users at all times during the race. All roads and trails used in the race are public.
  4. Riders must be self-sufficient at all times. Riders cannot receive any outside support during the race. This includes food, water, tools, maintenance support, and any and all other forms of support
  5. Riders may share food, water, tools, etc with each other
  6. Riders must self-navigate the course, it is not marked
  7. The organizer carries no responsibility, legal or otherwise, for injury to riders sustained during the race. This includes damage to bikes and equipment as well. Riders are responsible for their well-being during the race

Thank you for your understanding and willingness to help make this a great event for all participants.